Daniela Mastrandrea is born in the wonderful city of art of Gravina in Puglia in 1981. At the age of seven, she begins studying the piano; at nine, she composes her first pieces. She graduates in piano, alongside her composition studies.

She performs in numerous festivals and music reviews such as Piano City MilanoFestival Argojazz, Time Zones, Fasano Musica, Bari In Jazz, Experimenta and others. She is the winner of several international composition competitions, prizes and music contests, including Web Talent V.I.T.A. by Believe Digital, Fondazione Estro Musicale, Premio Argojazz, Digital Contest Kleisma and L’artista che non c’era.

Among her award-winning compositions:

  • Indesiderabile Tenerezza​​, winner in 2010 of the third prize of both the technical and popular jury at the Sisì Frezza International Composing Competition

  • Luci e Ombre, winner in 2015 of the absolute first prize of both the technical and popular jury at the Sisì Frezza International Composing Competition, edited by Editrice Rotas and premiered at the Schloß Schönbrunn in Vienna

  • La Sorgente, chosen in 2017 by Fondazione Adkins Chiti and premiered by Solisti Veneti directed by M° Claudio Scimone at Auditorium Cesare Pollini in Padova

  • La Besana, among the compositions awarded by Fondazione Estro Musicale in 2018

  • Mondi Paralleli, winner of Digital Contest Kleisma (2020) and of L’artista che non c’era (2020), guest on Radio Classica, reviewed by La Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno, Corriere del Mezzogiorno, Nuovo Quotidiano di Puglia, MAT2020, SOund36 and ranked among the best proposals of 2020

  • Danza Lenta, special mention for originality and video technique used (Puglia Music, 2020)

  • Le parole non dette, in the 2021 Top Ten by Puglia Music

Among her collaborations:

  • Festival Tuttestorie, arrangement for strings of L'inno dei desideri (2018)

  • Mondo Tv Spa, background music of the thirteen episodes of the cartoon Cuore/Heart (2018)

  • Antonio Silvestre, director, for the corto Mr Food & Mrs Wine (2019)  

  • Nahrin Swisscare, for the making of its official anthem (2020)

  • Amedeo D'Aosta I Grade Secondary School, for the making of its official anthem A te, straniero, composition for choir and orchestra (2022)

She has numerous albums and singles to her credit: Volo di Gabbiani (2005), Fluide Risonanze (2016), Game Over (2017), Lo Specchio (2018), Singoli 2019, Mondi Paralleli (2020), Solstitium, In bianco e nero and Riflessi (2021).

Her pieces and orchestrations are performed all over the world.