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Ad occhi chiusi


On December 21, 2021, a new piece will be added to the puzzle of my discography. I’m talking about Ad occhi chiusi, a piece that has never been published, but which has nevertheless already been premiered in the abridged version for flute and guitar; this time, it will be presented in its full version for soloists (flute and guitar) and for string orchestra (violins I and II, violas, cellos and double bass).


Between unconscious and reason


We are used to perceiving ourselves according to the criteria and logic of the society we live in. However, the truth is that we are infinite in the infinite surrounding us. We are used to defining ourselves and letting ourselves be defined by other people. But what’s the truth about who and what we are? 


The Island that wasn't there


We were children and yet we forgot about it. Someone tried to take the inner child by the hand, but actually reality does not allow him child to flow as desired. That child is subordinated to the choices the adult, due to society, is forced to make. If only we could go back to childhood, even just for one day; however, every age has its beauty, and that’s right. For sure, we can let children influence our lifestyles: shuffling their cards with ours, we can be more successful.


Light and Shadow

Why do we sometimes allow people to hurt us because of our unwillingness to understand who we really are? The ones who hurt us triumph, while the ones who make us fall asleep with a smile lose. These things create deficiencies in us, not value.