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Life should be simple; yet, we often find ourselves trapped in situations and mechanisms obviously not working or not right for us. We often struggle to recognize it. We struggle to observe things, but above all to call them by their name. In short, we sabotage ourselves.


Remorse or regret?

If we live lightly, relying on the simplicity of the present moment, daily living turns out to be linear and smooth. On the contrary, if we spend too much time thinking about the future or the past, questions are inevitable. A question lead to dig deep inside and we can find ourselves wondering whether it is better to live with regrets or remorse.


Marte Dì Musica

For some time now, we have been denied a freedom which has always been our routine. Paradoxically, before we felt tight for one reason, now we feel tight for another one. The human being, so habitual and so unable to get out of his own comfort zone, found himself face to face with something bigger than him and invisible at the same time. Never, as in this period, have we been forced to reinvent ourselves - I am talking above all about those categories that have been cut off from aid and that earn only if they work ... music, one of them!




“Music is not a question of style but of honesty” Björk 

I see life as a succession of unforgettable instants, remaining beyond time, beyond space and even beyond ourselves; unique and unrepeatable moments, just captured and left to time; brief and fleeting, but intense as well; moments subordinated to choices we make or procrastinate, leaving them to life and time.


Everything is possibile

What mind considers as possible, well, that means that you can do it. Everything and its opposite. From one moment to the next one, everything can change and everything is achievable. It just depends on us, on our mind, on our convictions: what we believe in determines the conditions, not vice versa.